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Business setup in Abu Dhabi

Limited Liability company

A Limited Liability Company requires 51 % of shares participation as a local sponser and foreign investors or companies are permitted to hold up to 49% of shares. The LLC is the most popular method of establishing commercial license in the UAE.

Establishment (100 % expatriates ownership)

Establishment license requires 100% foreign ownership. So this would be the main attraction of theses type of license. In certain activities are restricted to either UAE nationals or have a UAE nationals share requirement.

In professional license local sponser act as a sleeping partner of the company.

Branch Or Rep Office.

Branch office is permitted to exercise the activity of its parent company. Also , it empowers to undertake transactions and offer services to customers.

Rep offices are only allowed to have promotional activities, supplementing the business activity of parent company. Rep office cannot involve business transaction or selling the products

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